Friday, 30 March 2012

Garden in the Country ( not really)

Probably my favourite garden at the moment is this one. I do a full day here every fortnight. Its about an acre and I am always exhausted at the end of the day from being on my feet for 8 hours.

Its like a country house and garden. Large veranda's around the house sweeping lawns and wide garden beds, its very peaceful working here and I always feel like I am in the country.

Its actually not far from the city. There's always plenty to do, recently completely re planted the lawns with a grass seed, from a specialist supplier, that grows in the shade. It's the first time I have used this blend of different seed types for shady areas and it actually worked !

Weekend, pretty tiring week, could do with some more rain.


  1. can normal people (not trade) use the grass supplier? what's the grass called?

  2. What's the lovely purple flower by the gate, GTG? Is it lilac? Very pretty. Wouldn't mind some of that in my little front yard, or court yard.

  3. Its plectranthus anon needs pretty much full shade, cheers

  4. All of these homes are lovely. I know you put in many hours of hard work but at least it's in such beautiful surroundings.

    1. They are lovely ! Sometimes I take my job for granted I shouldn't.